Day 37 –

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Hey folks! I am sorry I haven’t been on in a while! Life gets busy sometimes and you just have to try and make things work as best as you can!!!

For those who haven’t read my FB post…..


I am down 19.5 pounds and 41.5 inches TOTAL!!!!!! I FEEL TO AMAZING!!! A matter of fact I started jogging a mile!!! I have never been able to jog a mile without stopping! EVER! It isn’t easy and when I get to that hill right before the .75 mile mark I barely make it but I push through!

I never thought I would be in this place. JOGGING, EATING RIGHT, FEELING GOOD, and NOT TIRED! Never thought! But I am!!!! I feel amazing!

I think the hardest thing for me is the waiting game. I want to be where I want to be NOW! I always seem to want the scale to read a lot lower than it is willing to read! I want it too scream a BIGGEST LOSER -14 pounds!!! LOL! I need to learn to wait. No matter how hard it gets I need to keep pushing!!! I am also realizing on this journey that I am not going to suddenly be “beautiful” when I lose all my weight! Beauty is not something I can put on, buy, or become when I lose weight. It is the JESUS INSIDE OF ME!!


I remember when I was in MS and HS I used to think being beautiful was something I had to accomplish. I used to think I would be beautiful if I lost weight. I looked to others opinions of me to determine who I was. I got made fun of a lot when I was younger and it was horrible. I would never want anyone to go through that.
Now, I realize my beauty starts from the inside. God created me in his image!!! It doesn’t take someone telling you you’re beautiful, asking you “out”, accepting you into the “popular” crowd, or anything else. It is recognizing who you are in Christ. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Day 30 –

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I MADE it! Actual day 30! Today was kind of a crazy day for me! Work was very busy and I found myself just wanting to go home and hide in my little cave. LOL! I do that  a lot!

I had tons of energy and then around 10-11 I tend to feel a little tired. I realized I eat my shake in the morning at 7 and don’t have lunch until 1. I think my blood sugar is dropping so I need to figure something out. I have these aweseome isagenix slim cakes that are YUMMY!!! It is like a berry oatmeal cookie!

I will check this out tomorrow!

I didn’t exercise today since I have to immediately, after work get ready for church. I am thinking my body needs some recovery time so I think this is a good time. Tomorrow (unless it rains) me and Michelle will walk and then I will come home to hang out with Jillian! OY!!! That woman is brutal!


I keep looking at my before and after picture today. It is weird to think I accomplished all that in 1 month!! It blows my mind.



Day 29 –

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What else can I say! I look at this picture and realize….. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!! This stuff is changing my life and I LOVE IT!!!

Today my stomach was a little upset but nothing unbearable!

After work I walked with my friend Michelle for 30 minutes and I did my Jillian Michaels! Man she beats me BUT I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!!!

I look at these pics and can’t believe it!!!!!


AMAZING STUFF YOU GUYS!! If you have been thinking about trying ISAGENIX, WHAT’S  STOPPING YOU!!!!

Day 28 –

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Here I am almost one whole month later. I have learned so much. This is my last cleanse day for my 30 days! If you would have told me a year ago I would be going a whole day without food I would have said YOU ARE OUT YO MIND!!!!! SERIOUSLY! I can’t do that! NO WAY! But I learned I am a lot stronger than I ever thought. I CAN DO IT! Making changes are not easy. The struggle in my mind is tough but I know I can win! I HAVE WON!

So what is different?

I WORK OUT and do it right! Some days I REALLY can’t wait to do it, even though I may whine a bit! LOL

I eat so much better

I realize that my eating was based on comfort and habit in most cases.

My body needs food but shouldn’t be allowed to have what it wants when it wants it.

I realized that my mind was consumed with what I was going to eat and when A LOT!

I was consumed with sleep. I never seemed to get enough. Now I stay up late and get up early!

I am changed and I love it.

What next you ask? I keep working towards my goal of becoming HEALTHY! I am doing another 30 day cleanse and will keep using the products afterward. The products are life changing and I will incorporated them in my life!

Interesting day…

Woke up feeling good. Not as energized but STILL A LOT MORE ENERGIZED than before ISAGENIX. I felt like I was a little more hungry today. Not sure why. When I got home from church and Stephen was cooking his pizza’s I REALLY WANTED SOME. Well not just some but 3 or 4 pieces to be exact. LOL! I heated up my Amy’s Organic Pizza pocket and made a salad. Still wanted PIZZA!!!!!! I ended up having an apple and a few crackers and it seemed to make it a little better. Decided to take a nap and see if maybe I just didn’t sleep enough and actually took an hour nap. I felt so much better when I woke up but still hungry. I REALLY didn’t want to work out today AT ALL but decided that was the only thing I hadn’t tried. I REALLY REALLY REALLY didn’t WANT TO WORK OUT FOLKS!! I pushed through anyways and GUESS WHAT???????? I FELT A MILLION TIMES BETTER! REALLY????? LOL!!!!! I had my shake after and now I am GREAT!

The one thing I didn’t do much of during the time I lost the almost 100 pounds was work out properly. No I take that back I BARELY did….was work out . I just ate REALLY well. I HATE WORKING OUT! But now ….

I STILL DON’T LIKE IT But can’t help but do it. I get through it easier and it really affects me more than just helping me lose weight. I don’t know if I will ever say I LOVE working out but it is really growing on me! This 30 day Shred with Jillian Michaels is NOT EASY but it is working AND ONLY TAKES 20 minutes to do. It BEATS MY BODY UP EVERY TIME but it FITS IN MY BUSY SCHEDULE!

Day 26 –

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It is now after 10 on a Sunday night and I am contently and comfortably sitting outside on our porch with Meredith! I am full energy and life! We are enjoying the SUPER MOON while singing praises from the Kari Jobe collection. It is so nice to be able to sit outside, not worry about being tired and exhausted the next morning and enjoy such a wonderful night with one of my favorite people!

This is one of the things I have GAINED from ISAGENIX! LIFE! I have more time to LIVE LIFE and enjoy so many new things! I love things I never thought I would love.  I have a new desire to try new things! There are so many things the Lord has called me to and I feel like this has given me the opportunity to healthfully walk through to those things!

Are you sitting here reading this blog and wondering…. how is the world could something be THIS GOOD? Are you wondering if this is FOR SERIOUS?? Those of you that know me well know I AM NOT INTO THE SALES ADS, FAKE TIME SHARE PRODUCTIONS, or just plain QUICK WAYS to EARN…… I am skeptical and I don’t believe in tooting the horn of something not worthy of it. I don’t like to waste my time and I sure do NOT want to waste anyone else’s. This stuff is for REAL and whether you decide to try it or not IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE and I am so thankful!



That is key #1. It is a change in lifestyle.

If you do a 30 day and go back to eating poorly, then you will gain the weight back. That is why we have an awesome coaching network – to KEEP YOU healthy, not just get you there. And it is all about how well you can stick to the plan. Some folks only do it here and there and never see results. If you stick to it, adopt a NEW mindset of food is fuel, not entertainment and not for comfort, then you can keep the weight off. Also, movement is needed.
IT IS a body-mind-physical makeover.


100% money back guaranteed! It doesn’t matter where you are with your health!

Always tired










Day 25 –

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WOW I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY! So busy that I haven’t been able to work out since Thursday WHICH I HATE!

Today was a LONG DAY AT WORK! ERGGG! No on likes it when the clock moves slower than honey coming out of a ketchup bottle! UGH!

I had a few tired moments at work and really think it from lack of enough water. I am trying to find a good balance so I am not going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME! LOL

Tonight was my very first ISAGENIX meeting. I went to Augusta since I invited some of my really good friends! What a great meeting! It was so nice to get more information, see my ISAcoach, and try and help others find a healthier way of life!

I decided tonight that I am going to really try to push myself int he next 30 days to work out more, get out more now that it is warming up outside, and share ISAGENIX with more people than I have yet! Someone at the meeting said it would be selfish of us to not share this with others. It is just like sharing Jesus. how selfish are we when we don’t share His love for us with others.

I need to do a lot more sharing! Not just with ISAGENIX but JESUS!!!!!! So much to be thankful for!

PS. Thankful for Jolin U and her husband for their encouragement! They have helped me so much in this journey. It makes me believe I can do this! I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

Day 24 –

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IS IT REALLY day 24??? NO WAY!!! I am shocked!! I have never been on a diet that I didn’t count the days down because I HATE IT. I look forward to each day and greet it full of energy instead of sleepy eyes and dreading every second till I can come home and hop in bed. I did have a little bit of a stomach ache this morning but it lasted about 15 minutes. That is the only things that has come on me a few times during this program. That’s it!!! Well


Today was GREAT EXCEPT I think I may have over did it this week a tad. I got shin splints. It killed me to have to take it easy when I got home today! I have so much energy!!! Soooo I stretched and stretched and took an Epsom salt and Eucalyptus oil bath and STRETCHED AGAIN!! I think its getting better.

Today I tried the Vanilla shake for the first time! I really like it. I think I am going to ad my want more energy in it to make something like an orange julious! mmmmmmmm!

Tomorrow I get to go to my first ISAGENIX meeting and am excited to to introduce it to 3 new people! This product ROCKS my socks off!!!!!


I won’t bore you with nonsense so I am out for today! OUT…

Day 23 –

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“Maybe I should try this ISAGENIX”……

I got out of the shower tonight after sweating and shredding with Jillian Michaels and my husband walks in the room. I told him I had just worked out and asked him how his run went this morning.  He said, “maybe I should try this ISAGENIX” -Stephen Hightower

We have had a few talks about ISAGENIX and as we go along this 30 day journey the talks have gotten more interesting! Tonight Stephen said, he would definitely do it if I could earn it for him.  If that isn’t motivation enough I don’t know what is!

FIRST of all Stephen DOES NOT just DOOO ANYTHING. He is VERY observant and patient.

SECOND It made me realize the changes happening in me were apparent to the person who knows me best.

THIRD I realized that I am A PART OF A COMPANY WITH  products that change peoples lives and what better person to help than my husband!!!!

If you know my husband AT ALL you know how HUGE THIS IS!!!

So how am I feeling? Work has been pretty tough this week. Well……REALLY REALLY TOUGH and my stress level has definitely raised. You know, those moments when you are sitting at your desk and you think you just may have to scream and slam something… yeah…that kind! I am not a slammer, screamer type and don’t want to start now. Today I remembered something my ISA coach told me…. when you feel stressed eat one of those ISADELIGHTS!!!! By golly she was right. NOOOO IT WAS NOT A MIRACLE, EASY BUTTON THAT MADE ANNOYING THINGS STOP HAPPENING but it sure did help calm me down a bit. Maybe it was just taking a minute to enjoy something in the midst of the bad. EITHER WAY IT WAS NICE!

I am really sore from my workouts but I know they are working! I LOVE WANTING TO WORK OUT!


Want more info…

Day 22 –

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This week I am down a little over 1 pounds and 8 inches MAKING MY TOTAL 14 POUNDS down and 32.5 WHOLE BODY INCHES GONE!!!!!!!!!!

THAT IS NOT the shocking news!!!!!!!

1. On my cleanse day (I only drink my Cleanse for Life juice) I STILL had enough energy to do DAY 1 of 30 day Shred with Jillian Michaels!!!



I spent an hour in BOOTCAMP tonight and because of my commitment to the 30 DAY SHRED with my DEAREST Meredith I came home AND DID THAT WORKOUT TOO!!!! Do I HURT? Ummmmm hello…I just said I did and hour BOOTCAMP and a JILLIAN MICHAELS WORKOUT! Pshhhhhht OF COURSE but am I exhausted NO!!!!!! I REALLY and TRULY AM NOT! I FEEL GREAT!

I am saying things I never thought I would ever say! If you are not convinced you should try this (100% MONEY BACK Guaranteed) then I don’t don’t what else I could say! I am so happy I took this step of faith 22 days ago! I am feeling AMAZING and I just want to share it with everyone! I GOT A BRAND NEW LIFE!!!!! I keep thinking of all the things i want to do but haven’t because I HAD ZERO ENERGY! There is such a huge list!!!

Thank you LORD for sending the right people at the right time!!! Thank you Lord for giving me the strength the take a step toward taking care of the ONE AND ONLY BODY you gave me! Thank you Lord for friends and family who BELIEVE IN ME! Thank you Mickale Magness for NOT GIVING UP!

IN ALL honesty as I write thins I am in tears. I am a new person and as I continue to grow and change I will continue to share it with you! THIS IS STILL THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY! I haven’t become soft! I am just BLESSED!!!!!